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​Iain approached The Stair Climbing Company in March after noticing his mother, Ursula, had started to struggle with accessing and leaving her second floor flat.

Iain and the tracked stair climber in action

Iain approached The Stair Climbing Company in March after noticing his mother Ursula had started to struggle with accessing and leaving her second floor flat.  A sufferer of COPD, Ursula was becoming increasingly out of breath and exhaustion after only moderate exertion, so help with the stairs was crucial to assist with mobility and quality of life. This was particularly important whilst Iain was recovering from a leg operation and had reduced mobility himself.

The communal stair case and landing meant that no permanent alternatives could be used and Ursula’s condition meant that getting up and downstairs was only going to become more of a challenge in the future, especially while Iain recovered from his operation. The stairs were a good size with a generous landing which meant Iain’s mother Ursula could use the tracked Stair Climber and move her wheelchair up and downstairs safe and securely. The Stair Climbing Company advised Iain on the options that would best suit his needs and Iain had sent photographs of the stairs to help us give him the best advice. David and Emma took the Stair Climber to train Ian and practice with his mother using the tracked Stair Climber. Iain hired the Vimec T09 Stair Climber for four weeks from The Stair Climbing Company. Iain found the Stair Climber a great benefit at a time when it was most needed for him and his Mother and an added benefit that also helped them to take groceries upstairs.