Raising the Standards of Stair Climbing Solutions

The Sky Climber range is uniquely designed to manage any kind of staircase, even on very narrow stairs, steps with protruding edges and on winding or spiral staircases.  The Yack is a great option for those who still have a moderate level of mobility, and is a practical solution that can be taken anywhere.  Used on external and internal staircases, these Stair Climbers are designed to transport people who are able to sit directly on the small padded seat, with foldable armrests and a height-adjustable headrest.

The technology involved in the Climber range also means the Stair Climbers can be converted into a wheelchair carrier, making it ideal for changing needs as mobility becomes a greater challenge.  The control buttons are arranged on the tiller for ease of use and are driven by an electric motor.  What's more, the Stair Climbers are powered by a rechargeable batter, with the remaining charge monitored on the control panel.  The Yacks' advanced electronic technology makes this range an extremely refined, reliable and safe product.  With an understated and elegant design - paired with extreme manoeuvrability - the Sky Climber is a truly cutting-edge product.

The Stair Climbing Company understands the importance of remaining independent and mobile, regardless of whether this changes overnight or over a period of time.  Finding the right equipment and solution to maintain your independent living is vital, however, it can be challenging sourcing a Stair Climber that doesn't come with a large price tag.  That's why The Stair Climbing Company have developed a solution exclusively for the UK with KSP Italia, with a multi-use Stair Climber for your changing needs - and at a truly affordable price.  This integrated seated Stair Climber can be converted into a wheelchair carrier when - or if - the eventuality arises.

Why should I invest in a Sky Climber?

There are many benefits of a Sky Climber Chair model including:

  • Its suitability for almost any staircase;
  • Its compact design offers accessibility at home or on the go;
  • Its narrow design and build manages turns on tight landings, meaning it is great for most domestic houses;
  • It manages curved steps or spiral staircases smoothly and simply for ease of use;
  • It is compactly built and can be separated into two parts, ideal for storing and transporting in the boot of a car;
  • it converts from an integrated seat to a wheelchair carrier as circumstances and needs change, providing peace of mind and great value;
  • Its automatic braking system offers reassurance that the Stair Climber is in safe operation with every step.

The integrated seat offers a first-step solution for those with light to moderate mobility challenges.  This may be the only option you will ever need, however, our research with occupational therapists reveals that client's mobility needs change, and, as their mobility may become more challenging, their requirements for solution will also change.  This is why the 2-in1 Yack is so popular.

The integrated seat Stair Climber converts in to a Stair Climber that will hold your wheelchair while managing the same staircase, enabling you to continue your life without the obstacles of getting up and down your stairs.


  • Non marking wheels with an automatic breaking system
  • Manages weights of up to 130kg
  • Manages up to 26cm step height
  • Manages narrow and curved staircases
  • Supports a wide range of wheelchairs
  • Easily transported or stored for convenience
  • Automatic Breaking System 

Best for

  • People with light to moderate mobility challenges
  • Domestic homes and small spaces
  • Uneven staircases with step heights up to 26cm
  • 2 in 1 conversion to a wheelchair carrier as needs change