Raising the Standards of Stair Climbing Solutions

The Scalacombi Eco lets you negotiate steps with ease - even spiral stairs! It can also be used to move people for short distances indoors without having to transfer to a wheelchair. With its powerful electric motor and novel climbing mechanism it is very user-friendly. Two safety brakes ensure that the machine stops safely at the edge of each step.

This second hand stair climber costs £2,500

Product advantages
  • Adjustable height handles
  • Clearly arranged control panel
  • Re-chargeable in just a few hours
  • Soft-Step feature prevents damage to stairs
  • Swivelling armrests
  • Quick to dismantle without tools
  • Fits easily into a car

Total weight of parts: 68lbs/31kg

Travel on single battery charge: 200 steps approx.

Maximum user weight: 19st/120kg

Maximum dimensions of step: 7.9"/20cm high & 5.5"/14cm deep

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this stair climber on 01245 905855

Scalacmobi Eco