Raising the Standards of Stair Climbing Solutions

The Stair Climbing Company is committed to helping find the right Stair Climber for your mobility needs.  Our range of high quality, safe and comfortable Stair Climbers can be used on most staircases, with our helpful step-by-step guide below showing the measurements needed to ensure we supply the right Stair Climber for you.

Our full range offers solutions for almost any type of staircase, including curved narrow stairs and external and internal staircases with uneven step heights, as well as providing you with solutions that won't leave marks on marble stone.  Our Yack Stair Climber can be used on narrow staircases, whilst the Sherpa is perfect for wider spaces, requiring at least 1m of turning space on landings.

If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 1

Please begin by taking measurements of the steps you wish to use a Stair Climber on.  Unsure of the best way to measure?  Take a look at our image below:

  • W - Width (cm/mm)
  • R - Riser 
  • G - Girth
  • LTop and LBottom - Landing Space
A sample staircase

Step 2

Where possible, please take photos of the stairs, landings and, if applicable, wheelchair, and email to The Stair Climbing Company to ensure we have all the information required to help you find the best solution.  Don't forget to include any restrictions such as narrow doors, as well as letting us know what floor coverings your Stair Climber will be used on.

Step 3

Book for a member of The Stair Climbing Company to visit by contacting us by telephone or email below: