Raising the Standards of Stair Climbing Solutions

Sano MTK 310


  • One person can transport up to 310kg easily and quickly (8-18 steps per minute)
  • Suitable for turning on tight landings
  • Independent manual or automatic brake system
  • Pneumatic tyres on level ground move the load comfortably and smoothly


The MTK 310 is a steel-framed Stair Climber capable of managing loads up to 310kg.  Ideal for lifting bulky goods such as stoves, safes and vending machines, it has an automatic brake fitted as standard, as well as a folding handle to ensure the safe and controlled handling of heavy goods.  it also comes supplied complete with its own integrated toeplate, folding handle, battery, mains charger and 3.2m strap.


Property Specification
Load capacity 310kg
Climbing speed 8-9 steps per minute
Battery capacity 100 steps
Weight 35kg
Weight of battery unit 5.5kg
Maximum step height 210mm
Total height 1620mm
Height with top section folded 1100mm
Main wheels 260 x 85 ball bearings
Width of frame 380mm
Width of clearance 580mm
Depth without toe plate 580 x 300mm
Depth of toe plate 195mm