Raising the Standards of Stair Climbing Solutions


  • Stair Robot motor provides 100% of the lift fingertip with push button controls
  • Variable position strap bars and self levelling platform
  • Full line of accessories available for different applications such as the bridge, dolly and turntable
  • Solid state circuitry
  • Load bearing strong outer frame (steel models) which resists twisting under extreme conditions


The SR1750 is designed to carry unit loads weighing up to 1,000kg up and down the stairs.  Unique in that it is equipped with a hydraulic levelling platform, this makes it possible to transport fragile loads in a horizontal position throughout operation.

The Stair Robot can be purchased to operate by mains or battery power on a 110v.  Additional accessories are also available, such as the stair approach ramp, manoeuvring dolly and the turntable, all of which have been designed to assist the movement up to and onto the stairs - as well as the take-off from the top and journey to the final destination.

The SR1750 not only reduces the amount of manpower required for a professional move, but also greatly reduces the hazards involved in traditional lifting solutions.  Prices start from £13,500 to purchase and £750 per day for the hire, while it can also be lease hired from just £2,500 per month.

Perfect for specialised lifting solutions for large commercial jobs and loads that must remain horizontal during lifting. 


Property Specification
Maximum handling capacity 1000kg
Length 1450mm
Width 720mm
Height 320mm
Motor 220V or 110V / 750W / 1hp
Hydraulic motor 220V or 110V / 350 W / 0.5 hp
Speed 3m/min
Maximum angle 45°
Weight 175kg
Weight including standard accessories 232kg
Length loading ramp 1180mm
Width loading ramp 720mm
Drive-motor capacity 0,75kw 1hp
Drive-motor power 220 or 110v
Hydraulic-motor capacity 0,375kw 0.5hp
Hydraulic-motor power 220 or 110v
Hydraulic-pump capacity 0.8 ltr/per min
Action pressure maximum 200 bar
Capacity oil tank 0,5ltr
4-button switch 24v
Mains 220/110v 50/60hz
Extension cord (copper wire) 3x2.5mm2
Max extension cord length 25m