Raising the Standards of Stair Climbing Solutions

AATA Stair Robot Express Advance


  • Battery powered
  • Can handle loads up to 175kg
  • Designed for a one-man operation
  • Fast removable battery packs
  • Different types of wheels
  • Height adjustable platform and adjustable handles
  • Non marking rubber tracks


The SR Express Advance is a battery-powered stair climbing device designed for day-to-day distribution.  Managing loads of up to 175kg, it features an aluminium chassis making it a lightweight transportable Stair Climber.

The SR Express Advance is designed for a one-man operation.  It features several operator-friendly functions and options including fast removable battery packs, different types of wheels, a height adjustable platform and adjustable handles.  It also reduces any safety risks during a stair move and minimises the physical burden on the operator.  Ideal for moving washing machines, refrigerators, computers, photocopiers, crates and furniture, its winch system enables the load to move up the chassis, spreading the weight when necessary.  It is also this unique winch system that lifts the load easily on to the back of a vehicle such as a transit van.


Property Specification
Maximum capacity flat on staircase 175kg
Maximum capacity adjustable platform 175kg
Speed position 1 7.5mtr/p/min
Speed position 2 4.5 mtr/p/min
Number of floors with two battery packs 20
Dimensions chassis L x W x H 1445mm x 400mm x 240mm
Wheelbase W x H x T 550mm x 250mm x 80mm
Dimensions drive unit L x W x H 640mm x 330mm x 120mm
Platform W x L 390mm x 290mm
Adjustable platform W x L 390mm x 290mm
Weight (without batteries) 29kg
Charging time batteries +/- 4 hours
Two-way operation on stairs: 1. step by step 2. flat on the staircase resting on two or more steps
Solid rubber tyres (also in grey) 250mm and 160mm

Options & Accessories

Adjustable Platform

Additional Battery Pack

Remote Control

Solid Rubber Tyres (also in Grey) 250mm and 160mm

Rubber Protecting Straps

Truck Charger


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