Raising the Standards of Stair Climbing Solutions

An AATA International Stair Robot is a revolutionary stair climbing solution operated on a track system, designed to provide the next generation of Stair Climber solutions.  The tracked system makes light work of moving heavy goods up and down your stairs at the touch of a button, with no physical manual handling required to move the load.  Operated by battery or mains power, this unique innovative concept crawls the stairs to manage loads from 175kg to 1,000kg.  By far the safest handling of heavy unit loads up and down stairs, it ensure the smoothest transit of goods, whatever your load many be.  The SR1750 also operate with a self-levelling hydraulic bed to stabilise the load, keeping it horizontal throughout transit.  This is especially popular with pharmaceutical, catering and chemical equipment companies.

The Stair Climbing Company are proud to be an exclusive UK distributor of these unique tracked commercial Stair Climbers.  There truly is nothing else like it on the market in the UK!

Which AATA International Stair Robot is right for my needs?

All AATA International Stair Robots are made to order, offering three different models to deliver specific functions.  Starting with lighter loads is the SR Express Advance - ideal for moving white goods, it manages up to 175kg with ease.

The next model in the range is the SR475, which comfortably manages loads of us to 350kg.

The final model in the range is the SR1750, managing loads of up to a ton.