Raising the Standards of Stair Climbing Solutions

The Stair Climbing Company is committed to finding the right Stair Climber for you, from moving office equipment and photocopiers right up to large boiler units.  Our range of Stair Climbers can manage loads up to 1,000kg, with our company hiring many different models for one-off occasions or on-going long-term projects.  Our battery-powered Stair Climbers can be used to carry loads up and down your stairs, an alternative solution where there is no lift available.

The Stair Climbing Company has a range of specialist models to suit most loads and meets all onsite health and safety requirements.  Our commercial Stair Climbers come from Austrian-based SANO and the Netherlands AATA International, with The Stair Climbing Company proud to have been selected as official resellers for SANO - as well as exclusive resellers in the UK for AATA International.

The Stair Climbing Company sells a range of Stair Climbers to suit your every business need, offering a Try Before You Buy package to ensure you receive the best solution.  All of our Stair Climbers come with a 12-month warranty, as well as basic training carried out by our team upon delivery.  Purchase prices for our commercial Stair Climbers start from £2,500 excluding VAT and delivery.

Our commitment to you

The Stair Climbing Company is qualified to provide you with the necessary skills and expertise to ensure the proper and safe use of your chosen Stair Climber.  A full range of training packages are available to purchase, with prices starting from £300 plus VAT for our specialised Train the Trainer package.

For more information on the training packages we offer, as well as the best advice to help you find the right Stair Climber for you, please contact us.

boreham on route
On route to Broomfield Hospital and our SR1750 mains powered upto 1 ton weight capacity Stair Robot
Boreham 2
The SR1750 ready to ascend at Broomfield Hospital!
SR1750 success at Broomfield Hospital with Boreham Engineering!
SR1750 success at Broomfield Hospital with Boreham Engineering!